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The Experience is in the Ticket™

Sell tickets online for your concerts, festivals, conferences, corporate events, large private gatherings and much more.

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NFT Digital Ticketing

AuthenTIX is leveraging blockchain technology to transform the world of event management.

We provide the most secure ticketing solution while creating new and impactful experiences for organizers and participants alike.

AuthenTIX is easy to use, highly customizable, and incredibly affordable.

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The days of scalping and ticket fraud have ended. Now event organizers can monitor the status of each customer’s ticket with a personalized QR code. See exactly who holds each ticket and how many tickets are sold, scanned, shared, or claimed.


No matter the location or size of event, AuthenTIX provides a scalable ticketing infrastructure that can be used around the world in a decentralized way. The innovative technology allows event-goers to unlock exclusive opportunities and earn revenue from primary ticket sales, a controlled secondary market and NFT collectible royalties.

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Data Collection

Gather and analyze detailed insights into who your event attendees are and leverage the analytics to improve the customer experience like never before.

Extended Ticket Life

Flexible and unique, the AuthenTIX ticketing experience provides event organizers with a seamless solution from initial ticket sale to real-time guest engagement – and everything in between.
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The AuthenTIX ticketing experience provides event organizers with a seamless and secure ticket-selling offering solution from initial sale to real-time guest engagement to everything in between.


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Immerse your customers

Provide memories and keepsakes

Own your event’s essence

Showcase your customer connection

Differentiate your ticketing experience


AuthenTIX’s comprehensive suite of services are custom-tailored to elevate your ticketing experience and streamline the management of your event. Missing something specific that would help take you from 0 to 100? We’ll work with you to get you where you want to be.

White Glove, Dedicated Support

Your dedicated team will give hand-in-hand solutions to guide you through every step of the ticketing process. We strive to provide you with as much ease and as little stress as possible.

Marketing & Promotion

Leverage our marketing expertise to reach a wider audience, utilize targeted promotional strategies, and drive more ticket sales.

Engagement Tools

Harness the power of SMS and one-to-one communications, connecting directly with your customers to provide personalized updates and engagement.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your ticket sales, customer demographics, and event performance with AuthenTIX’s analytics solutions, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and scale your events perpetually.

Personalized Access Control

We go beyond just ticketing, offering customizable solutions to validate tickets, integrate scanning technology, improve security, and control your events the way you need to.